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101 Jokes
For Kids...

1. When do kangaroos celebrate their birthdays?
    During leap year!

2. Did you hear about the boy who kept stealing rhubarb?
    He was put into custardy

3. Did you hear about the boy who had to do a project on trains?
    He had to keep track of everything

4.What do bees do if they want to catch public transport?
    Wait at a buzz stop

5.What do you get if you cross a worm with a baby goat?
    A dirty kid

6.What's green and short and goes camping?
    A boy sprout

7.Why was the glow-worm unhappy?
    Her children weren't very bright

8.How does a witch doctor ask a girl to dance?
    Voodoo like to dance with me?

9.Why did the girl take a load of hay to bed with her?
    She wanted to feed her nightmare

10.Why did the girl give cough syrup to the pony?
     Because someone told her it was a little horse.

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