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101 Jokes
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11. What's the best way to catch a monkey?
     Climb a tree and act like a banana

12.Why did the little boy keep running around his bed?
     Because he was trying to catch up with his sleep

13.Knock Knock
     Who's there?
     Abbott who?
     Abbott time you opened this door!

14.How do you make a potato puff?
     Chase it around the garden

15.Danny, why did Sammy run through the screen door?
     Because he wanted to strain himself

16.If mounties always get their man, what do postmen always get?
     Their mail

17.Why are giraffes good friends to have?
     Because they stick their necks out for you

18.What fur do we get from a tiger?
     As fur as possible

19.What would you get if you crossed a teacher with a vampire?
     Lots of blood tests

20.Be sure to go straight home after playing
     I can't, I live around the corner

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