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101 Jokes
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21. What do you call a crazy chicken?
     A cuckoo cluck

22.Doctor, Doctor, I can't get to sleep!
     Sit on the edge of your bed and you'll soon drop off

23.What happened to the leopard who took four baths every day?
     Within a week he was spotless

24.Why did the cat sit on the computer?
     To keep an eye on the mouse

25.Knock, Knock
     Who's there?
     Caesar who?
     Caesar quickly, before she gets away

26.What happened when there was a fight in the fish and chip shop?
     Two fish got battered

27.What the tomato say to the other one that was behind him?

28.Duck: ´Do you have any lip gloss?´
    Shopkeeper: ´Yes of course, will that be cash or card?´
    Duck: ´Just put it on my bill.´

29.What do you get if you cross Frankenstein with a hot dog?
     A Frankenfurterstein

30.Do these stairs take you to the third floor?
     No, I'm afraid you have to walk

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