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101 Jokes
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31. What do you get if you cross Bambi with a ghost?

32.If you cross a witch's cat and Father Christmas what do you get?
     Santa Claws

33.What do lions say before they go out hunting for food?
     Let us prey

34.Did you hear about the girl who got engaged and then found out her fiancé had a wooden leg?
     She broke it off, of course...

35.What do you call an amorous insect?
     The love bug

36.Did you hear about the vampire who died of a broken heart?
     She had loved in vein

37.What happened when the young wizard met the young witch?
     It was love at first fright

38.How did the octopus couple walk down the street?
     Arm in arm, in arm, in arm, in arm, in arm, in arm, in arm...

39.Why did Dora wear a wet shirt all day?
     Because the label said wash and wear

40.What kind of sharks never eat women?
     Man-eating sharks

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