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101 Jokes
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51. What is a duck's favorite TV show?
     The feather forecast

52.Why was the man unhappy to win the prize for best costume at the Halloween party?
     Because he just came to pick up his wife

53.A boy who had a broken arm asked his doctor,
      ´When you take off my cast, will I be able to play the drums?´
     ´Of course you will´ said the doctor.
     ´That's great, because I wasn't able to play them before!´

54.Why did the boy take a pencil to bed?
     To draw the curtains

55....I'd tell you another joke about a boy and a pencil, but there's no point.

56.Mother, ´Who was that on the phone Billy?´
     Billy, ´No one we knew. Just some man who said it was long distance to Australia,
     so I told him I already knew that.´

57.Why is your brother always flying off the handle?
     Because he's got a screw loose!

58.That planet over there is Mars
     Well that other one must be Pa's

59.Neighbour, ´Why does your son jump up and down before taking his medicine?´
     Mother, ´Because he read the label and it said "shake well before using".´

60.What's a lion's favorite food?
     Baked beings

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