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101 Jokes
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81. What is the biggest ant in the world?
     An eleph-ant
     What's even bigger than that?
     A gi-ant

82.What happened when the lion ate the comedian?
     He felt funny

83.How does a lion say hi! to other animals?
     Please to eat you!

84.What did the termite say when she saw that her friends had completely eaten a chair?
     Wooden you know it!

85.What do you call an autobiography of a shark?
     A fishy story

86.What sort of music is played in the jungle?
     Snake, rattle and roll

87.What bird is always out of breath?
     A puffin

88.What do you get when you cross a leopard with a watch dog?
     A terrified postman

89.What birds steal the soap from your bath?
     Robber ducks

90.What is a parrot's favorite game?
     Hide and speak

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