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101 Jokes
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91.What do you get is you cross a frog with a small dog?
     A croaker spaniel

92.What happens when ducks fly upside down?
     They quack up

93.Why did the Wally team always lose the tug of war?
     They pushed...

94.Did you hear about the Karate guy that joined the army?
     The first time he saluted, he nearly killed himself

95.What did the nutty photographer do?
     He saved burned out lightbulbs for his darkroom

96.What do Italian monsters eat?

97.What is a monsters favorite game?
     Hide and shriek

98.Why did the monster comedian like playing to skeletons?
     Because he knew how to tickle their funny bones

99.What do you call a monster who comes to collect your laundry?
     The undie-taker

100. What's another name for a clever duck?
       A wise quacker

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