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101 Things
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11. Grab a good book and head to the beach. Set up your towel or beach blanket, a beach umbrella and sunglasses. Make sure you have a drink nearby. You're all set to enjoy your book.

12. Kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the sand and grass. After a warm rain it is great to jump in puddles barefoot too!

13. Go swimming at the local pool. Take along a few friends.

14. Start a rock collection. Keep your collection in boxes, bags, shelves in your bedroom or plastic containers.

15. Build a bird feeder and hang it up outside where you can see it through a window.

16. Collect seashells from the beach. You can make some cool crafts from shells.

17. Make a beach in a jar!

18. Have mom or dad take you to a local farm to pick berries. Bring a large pail, latex gloves, sun hat, sunglasses, a drink, wipes, sun screen and bug spray.

19. If you see a local fruit and vegetable stand at the side of the road, stop and buy some produce.

20. Take a stroll with an adult along the boardwalk. Take in all the sites and sounds around you.

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