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21. Feed the Ducks and Geese at the lake or local park. They love day old bread. Watch them swim around and play.

22. Grab a cool refreshing drink and watch the people go by on your city's main street.

23. Bored at the beach? Try beach combing! Look for shells, smooth colorful rocks and small pieces of wood that wash up on the shore. Make a collage of your treasures.

24. Go on a scavenger hunt with groups of friends! The Youth Online Club has a variety of hunts to choose from.

25. Pack your camera and take pictures of all the interesting sights you see. Make a photo album.

26. Swim at the beach. Pack beach balls, nets, whiffle balls and golf clubs, shovels, rakes and pails.

27. Lay out and sunbathe. Make sure you wear a good waterproof sun screen that is applied a half hour before sunning yourself. Do not sunbath between 2:00 and 5:00 in the afternoon. The sun rays are at their strongest at this time.

28. Take up golfing. The folks at GolfOnline has a great site on Golf for Kids.

29. Go to your local marina and watch the boats coming in and leaving.

30. Watch a sunrise or sunset.

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