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101 Things
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31. Pick some wildflowers and make a pretty arrangement for mom.

32. See an Art Exhibit.

33. Ask mom or dad to let you try windsurfing. It's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

34. Outdoor concerts are great in the summer. Take one in.

35. Get mom or dad to build a bonfire at the campsite or beach.

36. Cook on the campfire! Make sure mom and dad are there to help you out. Check out these Campfire Recipes from The Youth Online Club.

37. Join a baseball or soccer team. Don't want to play? Watch baseball on TV.

38. Grab the binoculars and take up bird watching. Can you identify the various bird songs you hear?

39. Grab dad, grandpa or your favorite uncle and go fishing. Check out these fishing tips for kids.

40. Gaze up at the stars and learn the constellations. Check out these cool resources on Star Watching.

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