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101 Things
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41. Build a Sandcastle.

42. Make a Kite and fly it at the beach or park.

43. Try as many different flavours of ice cream as you can. Make your own Sundaes or Milkshakes.

44. Walk your dog. Or, start a dog walking service and walk your neighbour dogs.

45. Take a bike ride along the countryside.

46. Try organic gardening.

47. Get your parents to take you on a train ride. If you live in Sault Ste. Marie, the Agawa Canyon Tour Train is a fun ride every season!

48. If your parents or friend have a boat, try water skiing this summer.Water ski Safety.

49. Throw Frisbees at the park. Bring your dog and play Frisbee with him/her.

50. Make a ritual of taking a half hour or hour long walk every night with your best pal.

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