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101 Things
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71. Clean up your room, garage, attic or cellar and have a garage sale! You can visit garage sales too.

72. Volunteer at the local Humane Society to walk and groom the animals. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen or thrift shop.

73. Instead of playing online or video games, pull out game boards or cards and play with friends and family. Take advantage of the good weather and play outside on a picnic table.

74. Play with sidewalk chalk. Craw pictures or games. Leave messages for friends in their driveways or walkways.

75. Get a bunch of friends together and clean up the park or roadway. You'll need large garbage bags, sticks with pokers on the end and heavy gloves.

76. Build an Ant Farm. These little creatures are truly fascinating.

77. Take a tour of a working lighthouse.

78. Take up painting. Paint a sea- or landscape.

79. Sing songs around the campfire.

80. Tell some cool and scary campfire stories! MAke sure you have a friend to hold onto.

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