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101 Things
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81. Listen to music outside while you wash the car, clean up the yard or hangout.

82. Take the time to learn sign language. You never know when you will need it.

83. Start a journal. You can have a real life journal or an online one.

84. Get a group of friends together and write a play. Create a set and put on the play for friends and family.

85. Create a scrapbook of funny cartoons. Cut them from the newspaper, magazines or make up your own!

86. Redecorate your room. Ask mom and dad if you can rearrange it, change the paint color or paint your furniture.

87. Make a miniature English Garden.

88. Go to a coffee shop for Ice Tea and Donuts.

89. Play hopscotch or skip with your friends.

90. Paint your finger- and toe nails with bright colors. Add some sparkle polish.

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