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101 Things
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91. Go to the fairs and carnivals that come to town.

92. Go to an aquarium and learn about ocean life. Or, start your own aquarium.

93. Play outdoor games with your friends.

94. This is a great time to play Hide-And-Seek.

95. Build a tree house with dad. Customize it to make it all your yours. Be sure to paint it with outdoor paint so it will hold up to the elements.

96. Learn some magic tricks! AllMagic.com is very cool magic site offers downloads and articles for learning card magic and illusions.

97. Become a mad scientist and try some of these cool experiments. You can also try this site for some really super cool things to do! Fun Science Spells and Experiments.

98. Take that snowball you saved in the freezer out and get your brother or sister! MAke sure the ball has not turned into an ice ball instead of a snowball.

99. Make an obstacle course in your backyard and challenge your friends. See who can complete it successfully in the shortest time.

100. Play horseshoes!

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