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About Us

Welcome to The Youth Online Club! The kids of this club have come together to make new friends, have fun and learn something new. Membership is free and volunteers are always welcome!

Hello, my name is Shauna Lee De Feyter and I am the founder of The Youth Online Club. I am a certified Child and Youth Worker with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I worked out of my home running a child care service for families in my commmunity. Currently I am an Intensive Treatment Counsellor for youth and their families.

I have been working with kids online since January of 1997 and have gathered a world of knowledge about the Internet and it's importance to kids. I share my expertise online through this club by providing safe fun for kids. This site has been designed to enhance education by allowing the kids to have fun learning online. I also make child safety on- and offline a priority.

It is my goal to make this club a place that kids can be proud of, feel welcome in, have fun at, and learn from. The club is always expanding and I keep members up-to-date with newsletters.

Joining the club is a good idea, because members will be given lots of freebies that are not available to the average surfer. There will be free graphics, contests for members only with bigger prizes, games and secret pages that only members will have access too.

The Youth Online Club is based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. Except where stated, the information contained on this WWW site is "The Youth Online Club" copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. If an email request is sent to me to copy material from this site for kids organizations, schools and clubs, I always say, "yes". But you must have an email confirmation before you do it for legal purposes. A small donation is required.

Any images on the site that have been made by me can be used by non-profit pages provided the images are not altered (you may resize the image only). If you wish you alter an image, contact me first. A small donation is required to use the images.

Much thanks and appreciation goes to Soonet in Sault Ste. Marie for sponsoring this site and supplying the web space.

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