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The most common acronyms used in chat, newslists, forums and email.

For Chat

Have you noticed that people seem to use some kind of 'code system' while talking in chatrooms? You see these in every chatroom on the Internet. You can't go anywhere and get away from them. You even saw them used in a channel for Japan and one for Germany. What is going on? I bet all those 'codes' seem confusing to you. I'm going to help you by explaining what is going on and giving you some of the 'codes'.

This 'code system' that you see people using are nothing more than acronyms. Acronyms are groups of letters that stand for words or sayings. People use acronyms in chat so that they can type less and say more.

Here is a list of the most commonly used acronyms in chat. Now you can start talking in 'code' too!


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