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Advertising/Sponsor Information

The Youth Online Club offers an affordable advertising program for educators, organizations and small businesses. We only advertise merchandise or services that are appropriate for family viewing. No adult content will be promoted at the site.

Please note that all prices listed are in Canadian dollars.

  • Resources Listing: If you would like to add your site to any of our listings, please feel free to submit your site for a small donation to the club. Example. Email me at shaunadf@shaw.ca with your web site URL and description. Leave a donation on PayPal

  • Directory Listing: Have your site listed on any resource page. Have your site listed in bold lettering along the right hand side of an article. Example Cost: $50.00 per year

  • Image Listing: To have a small graphic added to your listing on any resource page. Have your small graphic aligned to the left of your listing. Cost: $65.00 per year

  • Highlight Your Listing: Your advertisement will appear in the middle of an article under the heading, "Featured Site" with a small photo or graphic that you supply. Cost: $100 per year

  • Banner or Button Advertising: Top position banner. Cost: $400 per year. Bottom position banner. Cost: $100 per year. Left column button Cost: $200 per year. Bottom button Cost: $75 per year. Banners and Buttons appear on all pages throughout the site (there are thousands of pages). Banner size: 450x55. Button size: 120x70. Example

  • Affiliate/Partnership Programs If you run an affiliate/partnership program on your site and believe that The Youth Online Club would be an appropriate partner/affiliate, please contact me to discuss the matter. Your whole site should be family friendly! No adult content.

    For more information contact Shauna at:



    Snail Mail:
    The Youth Online Club
    c/o Shauna Lee De Feyter
    145 Manitou Drive
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON
    P6B 5K8


    Phone Number:
    705 253 5515

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