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Parents are looking for responsible, loyal and trustworthy teens to watch their wee ones.
Here you will find everything you need to be a successful babysitter.

Hey kids, take an online Babysitting course that will give you a Babysitting Certificate of
Completion and Wallet Card! Cost for the online course is only $17.50 (US) and you have
up to one year to complete the course.

Don't miss out. You'll get more jobs and money if you have this course. Read more about
it at Online Babysitting Class.

Almost all pages in this section are printer friendly.
Feel free to copy as many pages as you would like
and make booklets for each babysitting job you have.

Essentials Scribble Pads Message Pads
Babysitting Certificate
Getting Started
About Me
Babysitting Panner
Babysitting Rules
Babysitting Safety
Emergency Information
Job Information
Project Planner
Babysitting Resources
Babysitting Bookstore
White Baby Title Page
White Baby
Green Baby Title Page
Green Baby
White Flower Title Page
White Flower
Purple Flower Title Page
Purple Flower
White Star Title Page
White Star
Yellow Star Title Page
Yellow Star
Sleepy Puppy
Teddy Bear
Activities Snacks Games
Alphabet Art
Body Paint
Bubble Prints
Coloring Pages
Edible Play Doh
Goofy Puddy
Pudding Finger Paint
Puffy Fish
Soap Crayons
Apple Volcanos
Aquarium Jello
Chocolate Banana Fizz
Chocolate Birds Nests
Crunchy Bananas
Dirt In A Cup
Monkey Malt
Sandwich Roll-ups
Trail Mix
Watermelon Pops
Bear Games
Finger Plays Galore
Games For Toddlers
Miss Mary Mac
Sing Songs
Songs For Children
Songs, Songs, Songs
Tea Parties

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