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100th Day of school 100th Day Of School

You are finally half way through
the school year! Celebrate with
The Youth Online Club!

Most schools in our community celebrate the half way point of the school year with a 100th Day celebration! Teachers and students mark the event with special activities with a "100" theme to them.

Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate The 100th Day Of School!

In your school calender, find the 100th day and mark it with a big red "100".

On the first day of school start a colorful caterpillar that will stretch around the classroom. Add a new numbered body part everyday until you reach your goal of 100!

Make up your own trail mix using 100 items of each ingredient. Cheerios, Shreddies, peanuts, pretzels, raisins, dried fruit, etc.

Do everything 100 times today. Brushing your teeth and hair, chewing, strides, bending, jumping, etc.

Kids can learn counting to 100 and visualizing how many 100 is by reading 100 Days with Swimmy.

For Phys. Ed. Do and count 10 sets of: sit-ups, touching the toes, jumping on both feet, jumping jacks, lifting arms in the air, 10 hops on one foot (then 10 on the other), bounces of a ball, claps and shrugs.

Check out these great 100 Day of School activities from Global Schoolhouse.

A to Z Teachers Stuff has 100 - 100th Day Printable Worksheets

Grab a few 100th Day of School books to get ideas on how to celebrate!

Make a stack of 100 pennies! Don't let it tip.

The people at Education World are celebrating the 100th Day Of School in 100 Ways

Make an edible necklace using 100 Cheerios or Fruit Loops.

Have your students imagine what life would be like in a hundred years. Ask them to draw a picture of what it would look like.

Take a look at Joan Holub's site! It has over 300 ways to celebrate this half-way event.

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