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Online Birthday Party
Throw a surprise online birthday party for your friend!

It's your friends birthday and you want to surprise him/her with an online party. BUT, you have no idea how to throw one. You are not alone. I get a lot of questions about this.

I am going to tell you what you can do to make this birthday event successful and fun. You will learn a lot about each other from participating in the following activites.

Pick a day, place and time for the party. Make sure you pick a day that is before your pen pals actual birthday. Your pals parents may have plans on the big day and therefore your friend won't be able to meet you. A day or two before is the norm. Pick a time after school. Usually kids meet online at around 4:00pm. The place you pick for your party must accommodate more than two people. Try a chatroom in IRC, parachat or a private room using an instant messenger. If you choose an instant messenger or parachat, be sure to make your room private and invitation only. This way you can avoid annoying party crashers.

If you do not want to meet in a chatroom, why not use a forum to leave a special message for your friend. All of your pals friends can leave replies and virtual gifts on the forum. You are more than welcome to use the The Youth Online Club's Forum for this purpose. It would be GREAT to see.

Make a list of people you want to invite to the party. Make sure you invite all your pals friends. Even the ones you may not like. This is her/his party and he/she will want all their friends there. Invite a couple of your own friends to the party too. This way your pen pal can increase their circle of online friends.

Decide on what kind of party you want to have for your pal. You can even choose a theme and ask all the friends to bring virtual gifts that fit the theme. For example, if your friend is a fan of N'SYNC have people bring images, url's, sound bites and lyrics to the party. You can share them with everyone. How about these ideas; recipes, animals, sports, predictions, books, cartoons, crafts, spiritual, etc.

To make your party fun, ask all the people you invite to contribute something virtual to the party. You can ask people to design a web page that contains images, recipes, quotes, etc. the friends have made for the birthday gal/guy. How about having someone design an online scavenger hunt and have the winner receive a special graphic. Someone else can design an online game using javascripts. A page full of recipes and friendship quotes and poems are always a unique gift. Another great idea is to design some special wallpaper, hotbar images and icons that you can zip up and send to the birthday girl/boy as their personal gift.

There is no limit to what you can do for your online party. Find out your friends birthday and start planning your party now. Rest assured, your pal will love it.

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