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11. Mixed Up Socks - Wear two different colored socks (maybe one red and one green) and see how many people notice. When someone notices, award them with a Candy Cane!

12. Sick Kids - You would be surprised how many sick children will spend their Christmas in the hospital. Contact your local kids hospital ward and find out how you can make the kids day brighter. Perhaps you can put on a Christmas show for them. Maybe you can sing carols together. How about making some homemade gifts and treats for the kids.

13. Make A Wreath - Create a holiday motif wreath and hang it on your front door. Hand Print Wreath, Hands Christmas Wreath, Hard Candy Wreath.

14. Start An Ornament Collection - Pick a theme such as snowmen, Santa's, silver or blue, etc. Purchase or make one or two ornaments a year. When you go on holiday with family, try to pick up an ornament.

15. Have an M&M Christmas - Kids will love the recipes and craft ideas from Mars, Incorporated using M&M's. Original and festive ideas. One of the best holiday sites for kids.

16. Stockings For Students - Make these paper stockings and place a candy cane and holiday greeting inside. Bring them to school and give them to all the kids in your class. Don't forget your teacher too!!
Pinking Shears
Construction paper (red and green)
Tiny pom-pom's, Holiday print fabric, Bows, Glitter or anything else. Metallic chenille stems
Use pinking shears to cut two identical stocking shapes. Glue the outside edge of stocking together (you can also use a paper punch and thread yard to keep it together). Draw stitches around edges and decorate your stocking anyway you want. Put your friends names on the stockings using tiny pom-pom's or glitter glue. Form a loop with the chenille stems and glue it on the stocking. Fill with treats and bring to school.

17. Teacher's Sticker Jar - Any teacher who uses stickers would love this gift! Start with a clean, dry glass jar (an old mayonnaise jar works well). Use acrylics paint and paint the lid a solid color. After it has dried, write the teacher's name on the lid with a paint pen. Decorate the rest of the jar with paint pens, stamps, and/or stickers. Fill the jar with a variety of stickers that the teacher can use on classroom papers. You can find great stickers at the dollar store to fill the jar with.

18. A Christmas Carol - Take the time to read, "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. Learn how to appreciate what you have and give from the heart.

19. Visit Family - Now is the time to go and visit all your relatives that you haven't seen in a while. Bake some tasty treats and bring them with you as a gift.

20. Make A Gingerbread House - Most grocery stores carry these kits around Christmas time at a reasonable price (between $10.00 - $15.00). You are not limited to the candy in the kit. Decorate your house anyway you want. Use tube icing to write messages on your house. Purchase a small plastic Santa and sleigh and add it to the roof of the house! Be creative! You can even make one from scratch with the help of your parents. Tips For Making A Gingerbread House or Nettie's Gingerbread Page.

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