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21. Frosty Snowball Toss - Take a large cardboard box and cut out a snowman shape. Paint and decorate the shape to look like Frosty the Snowman. Cut a good size hole in belly, or cut a mouth hole. A small amount of christmas M&M's or Hershey's Kisses wrapped in plastic wrap and tied with ribbon. Make 5 bags each of each of the following colors, red, green, blue, gold and silver. Each child gets one color. If you have more than 5 kids, let them play in teams and increase the bags to 7 each. Lean your snowman up against a wall, far enough away so the opening is not against the wall. Let the kids take turns trying to throw their "snowball" through the hole (one try per bag). The most snowballs of the same color wins! Let the kids eat the snowballs when done.

22. Enjoy The Snow - There are lots of ways to enjoy the fluffy white stuff that falls for what seems like forever! Check out our Winter Fun section of the site.

23. Tour The Lights - Pack everyone into the family car and take a tour of all the Christmas lights in your community.

24. Light A Table - If you have a clear glass table, attach a strand of mini-lights below the top (around edges or strung across). Cover with sheer fabric like tulle.

25. Cookie Exchange Party - Here is a great excuse to gather friends over at your home. Have each guest being a dozen or so cookies along with 10-12 copies of the recipe on festive recipe cards.

26. Make Garland - Decorate your tree with garland you made. The great thing about this is that you can choose the colors and themes to match your tree and decor perfectly! Bead Garland, Jingle Bells Garland, Mitten Garland, Peace Garland. Try stringing popcorn and cranberries too!

27. Place Cards - Having a large group of people over for Christmas dinner? Print out these place cards to add color and joy to your table.

28. Share Traditions - At your slumber party of get-together, have all your friends share their family traditions with everyone. Who knows, maybe you will inspire each other to start new traditions in your families! You will be surprised to see how many multi-cultural families there are and how interesting the diversity is.

29. Wrapping Station - Make a wrapping station in your home. You can put all the supplies in a laundry basket so you know where everything is! Your station should include the following supplies, a flat surface on which to work (preferably a table), comfortable chair, wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes, tissue paper, ribbon, bows, small ornaments, bells, gifts, flowers and candy to decorate pages with, pens (metallic or colored ink), gift tags, greeting cards, stamps, string, plain brown paper to wrap mailed packages, black permanent marker to address packages, scissors, tape, tape measure and meter stick.

30. Gift Tags - Don't buy gift tags this year. Make your own or print out ours and use them on your gifts.

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