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71. Art Supplies for Teachers - Did you know that teachers have to buy many supplies out of their own money?! A great gift for your teacher this year would be a decorative box filled with craft supplies. Thank the elves for dollar stores! You can find beautiful boxes and loads of craft supplies at a fraction of the price.

72. Gingerbread Open House - Take a look at these amazing gingerbread houses. Ginny's Gingerbread House, Gingerbread Houses, La Tour Eiffel in Gingerbread, Gingerbread House Patterns.

73. The True Spirit Of Giving - Read O. Henry's classic, "The Gift Of The Magi". Learn the true meaning of unselfish love.

74. Go Carolling - Get family and friends together and head on out to your neighbour's houses and sing carols at their front doors.

75. Treats For The Travelers - Santa and his Reindeer have a big job to do on Christmas Eve. Because they work so hard they get pretty hungry. Leave them a tasty treat this Christmas Eve. Try cookies, bars, fruit cake, carrots, apples, oats, milk, eggnog or juice!

76. Reindeer Food - Make sure Santa doesn't pass your home today by spreading Reindeer food on your front lawn or balcony.

77. Take A Hay Ride - Ask your parents to plan a night of fun for you and your friends. Take along blankets, carolling books, hot chocolate and a camera.

78. Say Thank You - Traditionally December 27th is the day to write thank you cards to people who sent you gifts. Make sure you remember to thank your family too!

79. Exchanging Gifts - If you need to exchange a gift that is too big or small, remember that someone put thought into your gift. Don't return the item for a refund and blow the money on candy or entertainment. Exchange it for the same thing or at least something similar. You don't want to hurt someone's feelings needlessly.

80. Christmas Tongue Twisters - Seven Santas sang silly songs. Sarah skis super slow. Running reindeer romp 'round red wreaths. Pretty packages perfectly packed in paper. Tiny Tim trims the tall tree with tinsel. Santa stuffs six striped stockings. Kris Kringle crunches candy canes. Clever Carol carries crimson candles carefully. Short shoppers shop for soft, short shirts. Santa's sleigh slides on slick snow. Candy cane cookies keep kids coming. Comet cuddles cute Christmas kittens carefully.

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