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81. Christmas Website - Have family send you photos, recipes and family greetings. Put them up on a website and build your own family holiday community online where family members can see what is going on with each other. Don't have access to the Internet? That's OK! Do the same thing but make a newspaper to send to family.

82. Make A Memory Book - Get a scrapbook and put together pictures, recipes, quotes, good deed lists, dried flowers, gift tags and anything else that made this Christmas special. Be sure to label the book with the proper year.

83. Feed The Birds - String popcorn and cranberries on thread and hang on a bush or tree. Spread pine cones with peanut butter, then roll or sprinkle in birdseed and hang on trees. This will provide fat for warmth. If you place these items where you can see them clearly from your window, you will enjoy watching as much as the birds enjoy eating.

84. Donate Non-Perishable Goods - There will be children this Christmas who will not receive a hot meal let alone presents. Collect Non-perishable goods from family and friends and donate them to local shelters and food drives.

85. Snow In July - Make a snowball and put it in the freezer. Bring it out July 4th and guess how long it will take to melt.

86. Rose Bowl Potpourri -
Rose Bowl
Strand of 15 mini-lights
Lace Doily
Holiday Ribbon
Place mini-lights in a rose bowl with cord hanging out the back. Fill with potpourri. Cover with lace doily. Use the ribbon to secure the doily in place. Plug in the mini-lights and room will be filled with the scent of potpourri.

87. Get Baking - Now is the time to join mom or dad in the kitchen and learn how to make all those family treats and meals that you love so much at Christmas. I bet your parents will appreciate the help in the kitchen.

88. A Real Tree - Instead of putting up an artificial tree this year, get mom and dad to take you out shopping for a real tree. The smell of pine is wonderful and makes your home even more festive!

89. 'Tis The Time For Cleaning - Want to make mom and dad happier this holiday season? Do your house cleaning part! Keep your room clean and pick up after yourself. Offer to help with light house cleaning chores. The more time mom and dad has from doing the mundane, the more time they have for fun and games with you!

90. Don't Forget Your Pets - Pets get a little anxious at Christmas time. So much is going on around them that it is confusing and sometimes they get forgotten. Make this Christmas something special for your pet. After all, they are family too.

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