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91. Peanut Butter Squares - A must have for all the peanut butter lovers at Christmas. Peanut butter, marshmallows and coconut!

92. Snowman Pillow -
One white bed pillow
Stocking cap or toque
Large Buttons
Orange felt scrap (cut in a carrot shape)
Pair of mittens
Hot Glue Gun (parents help required)
Glue a stocking cap to the top of a white bed pillow, pulling the corners of pillow under the cap. Tie a scarf around the pillow about 1/3 of the way down. Glue on button eyes and mouth. Glue nose to face. Glue buttons down the front. Glue mittens to the front for the arms. If you want, you can sew the things on the snowman and this way you can wash him when he's dirty.

93. History of Santa - Educate yourself in the history of Santa. Learn all you can about where Santa came from and why he is so important to us today.

94. Stocking Stuffer Ideas - Sometimes thinking of things to put in a stocking is hard. Check out this page for dozens of stocking stuffer ideas!

95. Test Your Memory - Study the picture carefully. Then answer the questions.

96. Invitations - Having a Christmas party this year? Print out these holiday invitations to send to friends and family.

97. Coupon Books - Make a great stocking stuffer that family members will love. Print out a few pages of these coupons, staple them together and put them in mom and dad's stockings this year.

98. Alphabet Booklets - These are a great for young children just learning to identify their ABC's. These booklets can be printed out in color or black and white.

99. Carolling In The Shower - Make singing the in shower festive by making this cool holiday shower curtain!

100. Snow Angels - Lay down in the snow and move your arms up and down. Next, more your legs out and in. Get up carefully and see the angel you left in the snow.

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