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Have you written your letter to Santa Claus yet? Here is how to write a proper letter to Santa Claus. This letter will get Santa's attention and perhaps he will get his Elves working on last minute Christmas gifts for you and your family and friends!

First thing you need to do is address the letter to Santa Claus. The best opening to use is, "Dear Santa,". Always write your Santa letters by hand. Using a computer or a typewriter is not appropriate unless it is necessary because of a disability.

Never begin your letter by saying something like, "For Christmas I want..." Instead, begin your letter by saying "Hi" to Santa and asking him how things are going in the North Pole. Or by saying a few kind words about Santa, Mrs. Claus, the Elves and/or the Reindeer. You could say such things as, "I hope you have a lot of fun delivering the Christmas gifts this year. It must be exciting for you to see all the different places in the world", "I hope the reindeer are well rested and ready to take their magical journey this Christmas", "How are the Elves doing this year? They must be getting very excited because Christmas Day is almost here", "How is Mrs. Claus this year? She must have been very busy making sure you had enough to eat and sewing your suit to make it look like new again".

Make sure your writing is as neat as can be. Santa has to read through a lot of children's letters this Christmas and it will make that process a lot faster for him. You can use colourful pencil crayons, markers, glitter pens or kids crayons.

Add some color to your pages. Santa loves to get letters with pictures you drew in them. Do your best work for Santa and he will appreciate anything you make for him.

If you would like to add a paragraph or two for Santa to forward to his Elves, Reindeer or Mrs. Claus, go ahead! I am sure they would love to hear from you because they love you as much as Santa Claus does. You can even leave a drawing for them too.

When you make your Christmas Wish List, start out by saying something like this, "Santa, I have done my best to be a good little boy/girl this year." Tell Santa about a good dead you did. For example, "My mom was sick this year and I made sure she was covered up when she rested."

Keep your Christmas Wish List short. Santa is not happy with greedy lists of toys. Ask for only 3 or 4 things from Santa. One of those gifts can be something big while the rest should be smaller gifts. For example, if you want a new snow board for Christmas, that would be your big gift. Then you can ask for a Pokemon game and maybe a toy car or a doll. Remember to say thank you.

Remember that Santa cannot always get you everything you put down on your list. He does his best to fulfill all the little boys and girls wishes but he has to fill in a lot of orders! Anything that Santa leaves for you, he left with love and care. Always treasure it and keep it safe.

If you have a smaller brother or sister who is too little to write yet, take this time to tell Santa about them and what they want for Christmas too. Santa loves it when older brothers and sisters do this! You can be sure he will remember that kind act when next Christmas rolls around.

Sign your first and last name to the bottom of the letter. You can write, "Sincerely", "With Love", "Love", "From", etc. You don't have to leave Santa your address or phone number. Remember that Santa has magic and he knows when you have been bad or good. If he knows that, he knows where you live already.

Fold the letter very neatly in an envelope and seal it. On the front of the envelope write this address,

Santa Claus
North Pole
Ho Ho Ho

If you want to decorate the from of your envelope, go ahead. Santa will think your creation is wonderful. You can use crayons, stickers, sparkles, scraps of wrapping paper, etc.

Once your letter is all done, give it to your parents. They will let you know how to get it to Santa. Your parents are Santa's helpers too.

Please remember that thousands of children write to Santa every year and he may be magic but he still cannot write back to all the little girls and boys who send him letters. If you do not get a letter back from Santa DON'T WORRY! His magic makes sure he gets the letter. If Santa is able to, he will write you back.

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