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Online Contests For Kids
Various contests for kids from around the Net. Great prizes

ACE Kids - has 5 contests to enter. Recipe contest, scavenger hunt, brain teaser, poetry contest and super contest.
Alimentary Canal Cruise Coloring Contest - Color the Alimentary Canal drawing and you can win a FREE copy of "Healthy Habits."
Amazing Kids Contests - comic strip drawing and writing contests!
BBC Children's Competitions - new contests all the time so you won't get bored and will have lot of chances to win! (UK residents only.)
Book Adventure - read books, take a quiz, and win cool prizes. A parent or teacher is needed to sign up. (US and Canadian kids in grades K-8 only)
Candlelight Stories Kids Mystery Writing Contest - write an ending to the mystery. If you win you will have your story published online and win 3 mystery books from Amazon.com (US residents only)
Candystand Contests - various shockwave games at Candystand have prizes you can win. Gift certificates, vidoes, cameras and more.
Cass Arts Kid's Competitions - spot the differences for kids age 7 and younger. Jigsaw for older kids. Various cool prizes.
Disney's Magic Sweepstakes - win vacations, a Disney room, videos, and much more. Enter daily, weekly and yearly prizes, ends Dec 31,2001. (US and Canada only)
Doodleshop Cartoon Contest - enter your cartoon and you will have a change to win a cool t-shirt
Fleet Kids learn about money and play games to win prizes for your school. Computers, scanners, printers and more.
Fun With Spot Drawing Competition - send in a drawing, and you could win a Spot Book. (UK Residents Only)
Global Refrigerator Art Contest - draw pictures on several topics for kids and you might win an Amazon gift certificate, and be published.
Headbone Interactive has great contests. Price of Fame, Rags to Riches, Hack.back, Mars or Bust and more.
Humdingers CD Contest - join the free online club, answer the questions, and you might win a Humdingers CD.
Kids Love MailContest - you could win a very cool prize simply by filling in a form.
KidZone Contests - prizes will vary. From Barabie dolls to software. Enter daily.
Shoney's Birthday Club - kids 12 and under can get a free meal certificate for their birthday. Of course you have to have a Stoney's in your hometown.
Slylock Fox' Contest - figure out the mystery and you might win an illustration or gift certificate. Weekly!
TVO Kids Contests - weekly and monthly contests for kids from TVO.
Weekly Reader Mystery Photo Contest - Do you know what the photo is? You could win a mousepad! For kids in grades 1, 2 and 3.
Win Gameboy Software - by putting together puzzles as quickly as you can.
Kids Riddles - win children's music and nifty door prizes.
Join the CuberSurfari Treasure Hunt - anyone for cash prizes? Parental consent is needed.

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