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Backseat Tote
Parents help required


  • 1 pair of old pants/jeans with belt loops
  • 1 feet of rope or heavy cord
  • Scissors
  • Needle and Thread
  • Fabric paint pr permanent markers.

    How To Make It

    1. Cut the legs off the pants. Leaving about 3-inches of pant leg.
    2. Sew the legs of the pants shut.
    3. Tie one end of the rope to a belt loop on the left side of the pants. Tie the other end of the rope to a belt loop on the right side of the pants.
    4. Decorate the tote with fabric paint or markers.
    5. Hook the rope over the headrest of the driver's seat or passengers seat.


    Use this tote to hold books, travel games, magazines, snacks or whatever you want.

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