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Kids Crafts -
Dress Like A Pirate


  • black construction paper
  • thick cardboard
  • paper
  • glue
  • colored pencils
  • paper punch
  • paints
  • black elastic
  • silver foil
  • scissors
  • tape measure

How To Make It

  1. Measure around your head and cut a piece of cardboard the same length. Fold the cardboard in half and draw the shape of your hat.
  2. Cut it out. Take your hat cut out and trace it on the thin black cardboard. Cut it out and unfold the cardboard and construction paper. Glue the black construction paper to the cardboard.
  3. Decorate it anyway you want. Try adding a white or gray skull and cross bones. How about cross swords? Perhaps you might want to use some colored or white paper to outline the brim of your hat? How about a buckle or feather? Gold coin?
  4. Cut a piece of black construction paper in the shape of an eye patch. Cut a piece of black elastic long enough to go around your head snuggly. Punch a hole on either end of the eye patch. Thread a piece of black elastic through loop and knot. Thread the other end of the elastic to the other hole and tie a knot.
  5. Cut a hoop of thick cardboard big enough for earrings. Add a notch long enough to slip over your ear. Paint your earring silver or gold.
  6. Draw daggers and swords on the thick cardboard. Cut them out and cover the blades with tin foil. Glue tin foil in place. Trace the handles onto black construction paper. Cut them out and glue them to the handles.


Use bandana's and colored fabric for head scarves and waist belts. Wear black pants, striped shirts, or a white button up shirt with puffy sleeves. Purchase bags of plastic jewelry to wear and place in your treasure chest.