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Flashes In Your Mouth


  • Wintergreen Lifesaver candy (no other flavor will work).

    How To Make It

    1. Find a room with a mirror, that can be made very dark. Most bathrooms are good for this experiment.
    2. Fill a glass of water to drink in case you choke on the candy.
    3. Wait about 15-20 minutes in the darkened room until you can see your teeth in the mirror. Make certain your eyes have adjusted to the dark environment.
    4. With your lips open so that you can see your teeth, chew a single lifesaver candy while watching your mouth in the mirror.
    5. Each time a part of a Lifesaver is chrushed by your teeth you will see one or more flashes of white light in your mouth! Each piece of candy can produce many flashes of light as it is chewed and crushed.


    You are generating light energy by triboluminescence because each time you chew the candy your teeth are tearing apart the chemical bonds that where formed when the liquid candy was molded into a solid lifesaver. Wintergreen contains molecules that exhibit triboluminescnece. Triboluminescence is the mechanical generation of light. Certain chemical bonds will generate light energy when the molecules are torn apart by mechanical crushing. Wintergreen Lifesaver candies contain some of these bonds. No other flavor of lifesaver candy (such as peppermint) will work in this experiment.

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