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Rain Sticks
Parents help required


  • A cardboard tube (wrapping paper tube) Note: The longer and thinner the tube the better. If the tube is too thick, it will be difficult to poke the nails through.
  • Nails a little shorter than the diameter of the tube.
  • Two pieces of construction paper cut into circles that fit over both ends of the tube.
  • Masking tape.
  • 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels, rice, BB's, dried peas and beans, buttons, cat litter or aquarium gravel. You can even mix some of these choices. Experiement to hear the different ´rain´ sounds.
  • Newspaper, cut or torn into strips for papier mache.
  • Liquid starch.
  • Tissue paper and/or paint (gloss or semi-gloss latex paint works best - water based paints can be used too).
  • Beads and/or feathers (optional)
  • Lacquer.

    How To Make It

    1. Beginning at one end of the tube, push nails into the tube about 1/2 to 1 inch apart, making a spiral pattern as you move toward the other end of the tube.
    2. Place one of your circles of construction paper over one end of the tube and seal it completely in place with masking tape.
    3. Pour popcorn kernels or other material into the open end of the tube.
    4. Cover the open end with your hand and test the sound as you tip the tube. Add or take away nails as you want to get the best sound.
    5. Place the second circle of construction paper over the open end of the tube and seal it completely in place with masking tape.
    6. Using strips of newspaper dipped in liquid starch, cover the entire tube, including the ends, with two layers of paper mache.
    7. Let dry overnight.
    8. If using tissue paper, cut selected colors of tissue paper into strips and papier mache them to the tube in a pattern of your choice.
    9. If using paint, paint the pattern of your choice on the stick.
    10. Let dry overnight.
    11. Add decorations like feathers, beads or artificial flowers. Optional.
    12. Spray with several coats of lacquer to seal the surface.

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