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Kids Crafts -
Rug Tote Bag
Parents help required


  • Braided or chenille fringed rug (20x30-inches)
  • Matching tread
  • Heavy braid or decorative rope
  • Scissors
  • Heavy-duty hand sewing needle
  • Heavy-duty nylon thread
  • Yardstick

    How To Make It

    1. Fold a rug in half with the short fringed ends together. Machine sew each side. Do not turn. Fold the top fringe end to create a 3-inch cuff.
    2. Make the handle. Cut a 40-inch piece of heavy braid, allowing 5 inches of braid to be sewn onto each side. Thread a hand sewing needles with heavy-duty nylon thread. Sew one end of handle to one inside seam approximately 5 inches from purse top. Secure with several stitches. Repeat for the opposite end of the handle.
    3. Make a tuck on each side of purse. Fold the outside seam inward about 2 1/2-inches. Hand-sew the tuck on place along the outside edge.

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