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Kids Crafts -
Snowman Snow Gauge


  • Styrofoam balls in three different sizes
  • Plastic knife
  • Wood craft stick
  • Fabric scraps
  • Buttons, paperclips, sticks
  • Scissors
  • Yardstick

    How To Make It

    1. Using a plastic knife, saw off a small slice from the smallest and largest balls and two slices opposite each other on the medium ball
    2. Slide a wood craft stick through the center of the middle ball, leaving part of the stick coming through each flattened end. Poke the other two balls onto the stick, lining up the flattened edges.
    3. Decorate the snowman anyway you want. Poke buttons into the balls with paper clips. Poke stick arms into sides of medium ball.
    4. Push the bottom of the snowman onto the high numbered end of the yard stick.
    5. After a good snowfall, stick the yardstick into the snow and see how deep the snow is.

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