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Running a successful kids site online is a very expensive endeavor. The affiliate programs that this site belongs to does not even come close to covering the costs of running The Youth Online Club. Advertisers are not as willing to advertise on a children's site because they do not think it is profitable to do so. Parents have the money to spend, therefore they target them. Anyone running a kids site knows how hard it is to generate any revenue that may help with upkeep and expanding a site. Any help that people are willing to provide is greatly appreciated.

Many people do not realize that I run this site out of my house on a volunteer basis. I do not get paid for my work nor do I have any contracts to generate the revenue needed to run this site. Any money spent for this site comes mainly out of my own pocket. I am asking parents, educators and anyone else to help out. It costs money for space, scripts, games, contracting for images and work, memberships to generators that run some of the activities on the site, advertising, etc.

I realize that there are a lot of people out there calling around and trying to get people to donate to their organizations. What better investment can you make then to your children. This site is a great resource for kids and my time and dedication shows in the thousands of pages of free things for kids to see, do and print out. Providing this free service is not free to me. I have to pay for many things associated with the site.

The Youth Online Club appreciates donations. We appreciate contest prizes, software, hardware, services, money or anything you want to share with us.

Some examples of donations we have received in the past...

  • Imaging software
  • Prizes from Staples, Rogers and other stores.
  • Box of school supplies (used for contests)
  • Web hosting from Soonet
  • Offline safety books (used for a contest)
  • Children's books
  • Teddy Bears
  • Money used to purchase services, memberships, prizes, search engine submission, images for the club and more.

You can donate to YOC using two methods...

1. Snail Mail

The Youth Online Club
c/o Shauna De Feyter
145 Manitou Drive
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6B 5K8

2. Pay Pal

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