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What is Donating?
Who donates?
When do we donate?
Why do people donate?
How do I donate?
Donate at the club!

What is donating?

An individual or group of people who give to people in need, personal property or items freely; without expecting payment or trade.

Who donates?

Everyone can donate. From the young to the old, the poor to the rich. If you have something you no longer need, have grown out of or have in excess, you can donate.

When do I donate?

Anytime! The most popular times of year to donate are spring and Christmas. But, donations are needed all year long.

Why do people donate? Everyone has their own personal reasons for donating. Some reasons are...

  • Personal rewards. i.e. Feeling good about yourself
  • Doing something meaningful as a family
  • Getting involved with community
  • Making space at home
  • Recycling - saving the planet

How do I donate?

First, you need to get your parents permission before you donate personal or family items.

Here are some examples of things you can donate...

  • Craft supplies to shelter or hospitals
  • Used toys in good condition to shelters, hospital or good will
  • Used clothes in good condition to shelters or good will
  • Used books in good condition to libraries, shelters or hospitals
  • Food to shelters, food drives, soup kitchens or schools (you'd be surprised to know how many kids go to school hungry)
  • Coupons to shelters or good will
  • Kitten or puppy to homes for the elderly or disabled who have pet programs in place
  • Food, treats, toys, litter, etc from pets who have passed away to pet shelters or people who have pets
  • Stuffed animals to local police and fire departments, shelters and hospitals

Donate at The Youth Online Club

Running a successful kids site online is a very expensive endeavor. The affiliate programs that this site belongs to does not even come close to covering the costs of running YOC. Any help that people are willing to provide is greatly appreciated.

The Youth Online Club appreciates donations. We appreciate contest prizes, software, hardware, services, money or anything you want to share with us.

Some examples of donations we have received in the past...

  • Imaging software
  • Prizes from Staples, Rogers and Boutique Studios
  • Box of school supplies (used for contests)
  • Web hosting from Soonet
  • Offline safety books (used for a contest)
  • Children's books
  • Teddy Bears
  • Money used to purchase services, memberships, prizes, search engine submission, images for the club and more.

You can donate to YOC using two methods...

1. Snail Mail

The Youth Online Club
c/o Shauna De Feyter
145 Manitou Drive
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
P6B 5K8

2. Pay Pal

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