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Put some emotion into your Internet messages.

OK, so you are in chat and you are really mad. But, the person you are chatting too thinks you are joking and in a great mood. How do you let people know the emotions behind the typed words? Well, that's easy, use EMOTICONS. Emoticons are expressive faces you make with various keys on your keyboard.

Here is a list of the most commonly used emoticons in forums and chats. Now you can put some emotion into your words!

New Emoticons!
>(::0> Alien []:* Hugs & Kisses
*<|:-) Santa :-< Walrus
8) Frog ,:- Pouting
:-9 Yum {-) Sleeping
>:) Evil Smile >:O Angry/Shocked
: - * So Sour (:V Duck

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