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Game Zone

Sit a spell and play
some fun and exciting games!

Mind Power

Concentration (12)
Click on the boxes and
match all the pairs. Reveal
a cuddly picture!

Crossword Puzzles (15)
Find the right words from
the clues given. Simple
and quick.

Seek-A-Word (90)
Find these hidden words
in the puzzle.

Guess That Phrase
Plays like Wheel-of-Fortune
How many can you get?

Face Memory
Study the face carefully.
Try to rebuild it properly!

Tic-Tac-Toe (13)
Try and beat the computer!
Challenge your friends

Spot The Differences (6)
Can you spot the differences
between the two pictures?

Sliding Puzzles (65)
Put these mixed-up puzzles
back into their original form.

JigSaws (95)
Sit back and put together
these online puzzles.

Sink the computers battleships
before it does yours.

Complete a red line
to beat the computer.

Get to the finish line without
making many wrong turns.

A very cool peg
board game.

A very cool dice
rolling game.

Connect Four
Arrange four disks horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally.

Find It
Find all the differences
between the two pictures.

Hi Lo
Guess if the next card
is higher or lower.


Snowball Toss
Toss one of our funny
snowballs today!

Spring Toss
Toss one of our spring
images today!


Holiday Games
Holiday sepcific games
that challenge you.


Trivia (8)
Fun and challenging trivia
questions for kids of all ages!
Test your knowledge.

QuizShows (13)
Quizes on various topics.
Take the challenge!

IQ Quiz
Answer the questions to
find out your fun IQ score!

Test your basic math skills
with these cool flashcards.

Games For Fun

Ask The Chick
Does The Chick know the
answers to your questions?

Love Meter
Find out how compatible you
and your friends are!

Coin Flip
An online version of
Heads or Tails.

Mr. Veggie
Have fun dressing up a
potato, lemon, pepper
and onion!

Paper Doll
Have fun dressing up this
cute little doll!

Are You Psychic?
Guess what object the computer
has chosen. Are you psychic?

Stop On 100
Start the meter going and try
to stop on 100. It's not easy.


All Out
The object of this game is
to turn all the lights!

Ask Guru Joe
Ask a question and he'll
answer with his crystal ball.

Remove all but one of the
blobs from the board.

Click N' Slide
Rebuild the original images by
clicking and sliding the pieces.

A cool hangman game.
Guess phrases.

Looking for something fun
to do? Try checkers.


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