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St. Patrick's Day

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1. How can one find a Leprechaun?
Hearing the sound of a hammer
Digging in the dirt
Ringing a bell in the forest

2. What happens when you stop looking at a captured Leprechaun?
He burps
He makes faces
He vanishes

3. What happens if you catch a Leprechaun? He...
Gives you three wishes
Leads you to his treasure
Plays dead

4. What happens if a Leprechaun looses his gold?
He looses his magic and becomes more and more human
He slowly disappears
He turns into a sprite

5. How do Leprechauns spend their time?
Throwing huge parties
Baking cupcakes and sweets
Making shoes

6. A Leprechaun is a(n)?
Welsh fairie
Scottish fairie
Irish fairie

7. Where to Leprechauns live?
Hallow of a tree
Hole in the ground
In a pile of sticks

8. What do Leprechauns carry in their belts?
A wrench
A hammer
A saw

9. According to popular belief, where do Leprechauns keep their gold?
In the bottom of a well
On the top of a very old and tall tree
At the end of a rainbow

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