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  • Babysitting Handbook
    Includes scribble pads, message pads, planner, emergency numbers and more.

  • Teaching Materials
    Free sheets to print and use in the classroom or at home for homework.

  • Bookmarks
    Printable bookmarks to hold your places in school books and stories!

  • Borders
    Printable borders to use for certificates, recipes, notepads, picture frames and more!

  • Certificates
    Print out these great certificates and give them out to friends, family, kids and teachers.

  • Coloring Pages
    Color images with a graphics program and use them anyways you want!

  • Coupon Books
    Print out book covers and coupons to form great coupon books.

  • Invitations
    Print, clip, fill in the blanks and send these invitations to friends and family.

  • Lunchbox Notes
    Print out these free lunchbox notes and add them to your kids lunchboxes!

  • Note Pads
    Print out these free notes and use them at home, school or work!

  • To Do Lists
    Keep track of homework assignments, errands and chores.

  • Clipart

  • Email Stationery
    Left & top borders, tiled backgrounds, email characters, school, seasons, holidays and more.

  • Friendship Buttons
    Download and give these buttons online to your pen pal friends.

  • Journal Graphic Sets
    Spice up your online journals with colorful graphics.

  • Pen Pal Graphic Sets
    Design and run your own pen pal network online.

  • Seasons

  • Spring - Bonnet, birds, squirrel, bunny, worm, lamb, trees and flowers.

  • Summer - Beach bears, bee, beehive, butterflies, crab, flower, kite, pail and shovel, beach scene and sun.

  • Fall - Acorns, apple tree, fall tree scene, fall tree, various leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows and more.

  • Winter - Penguins, snowfamily, mice, puppies, igloos, people and more.

  • Holidays/Occassions

  • Certificates - World's Greatest Mom, World's Greatest Dad

  • Clip Art - Birthdays, Christmas, Earth Day, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day

  • Graphic Sets/Stationery - Christmas, Valentine's Day

  • Gift Tags - Christmas, Valentine's Day

  • Recipe Cards - Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day.

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