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11. Pumpkin Clip Art - Download some these free pumpkin images made by Shauna. You can decorate your web pages and email messages with them. Clip Art

12. Pumpkin Gang - Color the pumpkin gang, cut it out and hand the picture in your window. Pumpkin Coloring

13. Pumpkin Patch - Mom and dad would love to get this piece of artwork made from your hand prints. Pumpkin Craft

14. Eerie Pumpkin Tip - Have your parents put chunks of dry ice (do not touch with bare hands) in your pumpkin to resemble fog. This effect is great with a green light shining on your pumpkin!

15. Pumpkin Soup Mom!Mom!.com has four pumpkin soup recipes. Choose from curried, honey mustard, pumpkin apple and simple pumpkin soup. There is another collection of pumpkin soup recipes here.

16. Pumpkin Rice Krispies - Mold these treats to look like mini pumpkins and they are a hit at any party. Pumpkin Recipe

17. Pumpkin Fact - Pumpkins are 90% water.

18. Grow A Pumpkin - The people from Pumpkin Circle Project tell you how to grow pumpkins in your garden.

19. Snowman Pumpkin - Make this cool snowman out of small pumpkins. Leave him out till the snow falls! Decorate A Pumpkin

20. Pumpkin Man - A 13 year old named Jason, wrote this award winning story, Pumpkinman! Check it out. You can watch the film clip for Jason's story here.

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