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21. Pumpkin Vase - Use a pumpkin as a flower vase by cutting the top off a tall small pumpkin. Scoop out all the guts and clean it out well with water. Arrange fall flowers into the pumpkin and add a little water to your vase. Place your vase on foam plate in the middle of your table!

22. Pumpkin Pudding - I bet Billy Cosby has this pudding every fall! Very flavorful and yummy. Pumpkin Recipe

23. Pumpkin Fact - The Native Americans called pumpkins "isquotersquash."

24. Haunted Pumpkin - Make this cute ghost in a pumpkin to decorate your front door step or entrance way. Decorate A Pumpkin

25. Pumpkins Note Pad - Print out this pumpkin patch note pad to use at home, work or school. Note Pad

26. Joke - Who comes to the field when the pumpkins get sick? "Patch" Adams!

27. Pumpkin Totem Pole -
3 or more carved pumpkins
Spotlight or Strobelight
Tomato cage
Cut holes in the tops and bottoms of all your pumpkins. The holes should be all the same size and at least as big as the light. Put the light in place on the ground. Place the tomato cage over the light, pushing the wires deep into the ground. Slide the pumpkins into the cage. Turn on the light. The light should shine upward and light up all your pumpkins.

28. How Many Pumpkin Seeds? - For a door prize at your next party, choose a smaller pumpkin and place it on a table for all to see. Decorate a shoe box and cut a hole in the top of it big enough for people to slip small pieces of paper in it. Place small pieces of paper on the table along with a pencil. Have all your guests write their name on the paper along with a guess as to how many pumpkin seeds are in the pumpkin. Sometime at the party, cut open the pumpkin and have your friends help you count the seeds. The person who guest closest to the actually amount of seeds wins the door prize!

29. Pumpkin Shaving - Using shaving cream, shave your pumpkin with a popsicle stick! Smaller kids have a lot of fun doing this.

30. Antenna Ball - Dad would be proud to display this homemade item on his car. Pumpkin Craft.

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