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61. Jack-O-Lantern Note Pad - Print out this cool note pad to use at home, office or school. Note Pad

62. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds - Instead of throwing away the seeds from your pumpkin guts, add a little salt and back them in the oven for a nice treat to eat while watching Scooby Doo! Pumpkin Recipe

63. Ghosts In The Pumpkin Patch - Put together all the pieces to reveal a group of clever fellows. Jigsaw Puzzle

64. Pumpkin Decomposition - After you are finished with your pumpkins this year, place them on a compost pile and watch them slowly decompose. Take pictures of the process! This would make a great school science project.

65. Hanging Pumpkin - Make a few of these to hang from your entrance way ceiling. Trick-or-Treaters will see your work on Halloween! Pumpkin Craft

66. Recycle The Seeds - Don't like toasted pumpkin seeds? Why not give a handful of seeds to each of your friends and plant them in your yards. See which ones grow next year and have a contest to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin!

67. Joke - How do you mend a broken Jack-o-lantern? With a pumpkin patch!

68. Pumpkin Place Cards - Get a few mini-pumpkins and using glitter glue or paint, write people's names on them and use them as pace cards at your Halloween or Thanksgiving dinner.

69. Talking Pumpkin - Leave a Halloween message for all the trick-or-treater's coming to your home this year. Decorate A Pumpkin.

70. Gross Pumpkin - Want to gross out your friends and neighbour's this Halloween? Carve a pumpkin with an open mouth. Instead of throwing out all the pumpkin guts, have them trailing out your pumpkins mouth and down your front steps. Get your parents permission before doing this one.

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