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Halloween Party Ideas
Planning a Halloween Party is a fun and exciting experience for kids of all ages!

First thing you need to do is solicit help from other adults. Get a friends parent to help chaperone the party. Once that is out of the way it is time to decide whether you are going to have a pot-luck-party (everyone brings a food dish) or are you going to supply all the goodies for the party? The best choice is to have pot-luck. This cuts down on costs and time, not to mention that you will get some gooey surprise dishes!

This guide provides a large selection of Halloween recipes to choose from for your Halloween party. Take a look at these Gross Halloween Recipes.

Now you can tell all your friends about your party and recruit a few to help with your party decorations. A great idea is to transform your house into a haunted house. This guide provides all the "How To's" in my article entitled, "Create A Haunted House". You and your friends will have lots of fun with this project. Be creative! Grab some construction paper (orange, green and black) and make invitations yourself. You can add spider webs, cut-outs of ghost, ghouls, witches and monsters. Use glitter and stickers. You can even tape a small candy to each invitation!

Create a coffin with a dead guy in it. You can place this in the entrance way of your home. What a great spooky first impression of your party! Don't know how to do this? It is easier than you think. Check out my instructions for creating this eerie prop!

Create a mad man's laboratory. This is always a big hit. Here are the instructions for my own lab that I created for the kids in my day care.

Another great idea for your party is to have your friends host different events in the night. For instance, you can have a Ghost overseeing a bean bag toss game. Or, a witch giving out glasses of punch from a boiling cauldron. How about setting up a fortune telling booth and having two of your friends dress up like gypsies to host it. One last great idea is to create a "Well" and place a friend or adult in it. Then cover the top of your well with black felt and cut a slit in it large enough for someone's hand and a toy to pop through. Then you can have a well of treats for the kids given out by a deformed or bloody hand.

Play some great games. Make sure you have enough prizes for all the games you choose to play. Here are some game ideas from your guide.

No Halloween party is complete without a costume contest. Have two adults be the judges (hopefully there will be two adults there without children so favorites will not play into the winners hand). Have the judges dress up like court judges (how about Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown). The winner of the "Best Costume Contest" could receive a cauldron of Halloween goodies and toys as a prize. It is always a good idea to have first, second and third prizes.

If you parents allow you to have a sleep over this Halloween, one of the best things you can do is have a story circle. Towards the end of the night, instead of watching TV, tell each other ghost stories. Have everyone sit in a circle and turn out all the lights. The person who is telling the story can have a flash light to use. They can illuminate their face or others faces, turn the light off and on during climaxes or cast shadows on the wall. I can guarantee you a very scary time. If you do not have any stories of your own, hope on over to this guides Ghost Stories page.

At the end of your party, make sure you have a little bag of goodies to send your guests home with.

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