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Make-Up Tips
Tips and Tricks for making Halloween faces.


Choose water based face paints. Don't use the oil based paints because you need a sand blaster to get them off.

Before you start to use any makeup, test it on a small patch of skin and leave it on for a few hours. If a rash appears, or you become itchy, you may not want to use that makeup.

Application Tips

  • Clean your face and hands.
  • Apply a thin layer of face cream (this makes it easier to wash off the make up later on)
  • Apply a base coat of makeup using a small sponge or your finger.
  • Let the first coat dry before you add a different color of paint.
  • To make lines, use a small brush or a Q-tip.
  • To remove makeup, wash your face with a gentle soap and water.
  • Old coffee grounds stuck to your face makes a great beards or stubble.
  • Make sure you press the coffee grounds into your makeup while it is still moist.
  • If you want to "glue" things to your face, cut a raw potato in half and rub the cut surface onto the decal and stick the decal on your face. The glue lasts about an hour or so.

    Make-up tips taken from "The Halloween Book" by Sharon, David & Marilyn Mets.




    2-1/2 Tablespoons water
    60-70 drops of red food coloring
    10-15 drops yellow food coloring
    2-3 drops blue food coloring
    5-1/2 Tablespoons white corn syrup


    1. Mix all of the food colorings and water together.
    2. Slowly stir in the corn syrup until the mixture is thick, but still "slides" down your arm. (This stuff will stain your cloths, so don't wear the good stuff!)
    3. Smear it on your skin wherever you want the "blood" to be. You can even carry around a small squirt bottle to make blood drip down from your mouth.



    Corn syrup
    Red or brown water colors or makeup blush or rouge
    One envelope
    unflavored gelatin, like Knox brand.


    1. In a small saucepan, sprinkle gelatin over cup of cold water. Let stand one minute. Then stir over low heat until all of the gelatin is completely dissolved. (Microwave Directions: In a 1-cup glass measuring cup, sprinkle one envelope gelatin over cup of cold water, let stand 2 minutes. Microwave on HIGH {Full power} for 40 seconds, stir well, then let stand 2 more minutes until gelatin is completely dissolved. Let it cool completely before using!)
    2. Paint or smear a thin coat of corn syrup on your skin the shape you want your scabs to be.
    3. Cover the syrup with a thick layer of cornmeal. Let it sit for 2 minutes, then carefully tap off the excess.
    4. Use the paints or makeup to color the cornmeal patches.
    5. With a paintbrush, paint the COOLED gelatin mixture over and around the scab. Do this VERY GENTLY so you don't brush off the cornmeal. (The gelatin "seals" it in place).



    deep blue powder eyeshadow
    charcoal or smoke gray powder eyeshadow
    shimmery green powder eyeshadow
    make up brush


    1. Using a blot of deep blue powder eye shadow, apply with a wet make up brush.
    2. Use your fingertips to add blots of charcoal gray and blue shadows.
    3. Touch up the edges with a shimmery olive green.
    4. Smudge the bruise to complete.

    Body Paint


    2 c Non-irritating baby shampoo
    Powdered tempura paints


    1. Divide the shampoo into two or more portions (depending on how many different colors you want).
    2. Stir in tempura paint.
    3. Children can smooth this onto their bodies, lathering to make shapes and designs.
    4. Comes off easily by running through the sprinklers or showering.

    Face Paint


    6 ts Corn starch
    3 ts Water
    3 ts Cold cream
    Food coloring
    6 c Muffin tin


    1. In each cup of the muffin tin, put 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, 1/2 teaspoon each of cold cream and water.
    2. Add a different color food coloring to each cup. Mix well.

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