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Find out the benefits of joining Youth Online.

What is the Youth Online Club?

The Youth Club is an organization that belongs to the boys and girls of the online community. It's dedicated to developing self-esteem, character, enhancing education as well as being a safe and positive online experience. The Youth Club will take a leadership role in addressing the needs of our youth in today's pressure-filled society and will focus on issues pertaining to today's youth such as education, physical and emotional health and online safety. Check out the Creed for more information.

Who can join the Club?

Both males and females between the ages of 4-18 can be members of the Club. Parents, educators and youth workers may also participate in the club by becoming active members in designing web pages and gathering information. Contact Shauna if you would like to learn more.

What's expected?

You're expected to have respect for each other for the unique and special people that you are regardless of your differences in gender, nationality, sexual orientation or race.

You're expected to offer support to one another in life, family, friendships, love, school, web designing, computers, etc... and be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are of your own.

You're expected to maintain a harassment-free atmosphere at all times. If conflicts arise, they will be handled first by the individuals involved. If the conflict cannot be resolved without assistance, please send an e-mail to Shauna, explaining the situation, and I will assist you. I will be in contact with the parties involved by e-mail. If a conflict does arise, please do not involve other club members in the problem; this will only make matters worse by involving people who have nothing to do with the original situation. This arouses bad feelings.

How can I join?

Joining is very simple. All you have to do is subscribe to our forum and weekly newsletter. Once you have done that, you are an official member of the club.

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What happens next?

Now you are ready to actively take part in the club.

  • You can even vent about life's injustices and heartaches at our "Sound Off" board.
  • Display your artwork at our Kids Art section.
  • Have some spare time to dedicate to a good cause? Why not Volunteer in your community or at the club!
  • How about signing our Guestbook?
  • If you want to display a banner on your page, you can download a banner of your choice here.
  • You can download a badge of your choice here.

    If you ever have any suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Shauna. Remember that this club will be what you make of it. The more suggestions, the better the club will be.

    Who owns this club?

    This club belongs to YOU, the boys and girls of the online community. Any assistance or help you can offer -- in adding pages, or making suggestions to improve the pages we already have -- will be greatly appreciated! We want you to make this club yours. Something you can be very proud of! This club will be run by you. The adults are here to serve as your advisors and keep you safe online. Ultimately the club belongs to Shauna and she does have last say in all additions and modifications to the club.

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