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Something About Dr. Martin Luther King

By Katelyn B

Second Grade

January 22, 2002

I got to stay home from school on Monday. That night, a movie came on the TV, and I wanted to stay up and watch it. My mommy told me it was too late, but I told her it was about Martin Luther King, Jr. and that he was a good guy. I wanted to know why I got to stay home from school that day, so she let me stay up late and watch this show. It was really sad and I cried several times.

There was also a man named Father Jonathan Daniels. The man named Jonathan died, but at the end of the movie, there were some words that told about what happened to those people in the movie, and it said that Jonathan was made a Saint a few years ago.

I learned in the movie that they sprayed some kind of gas that could blind you and make you cough a lot and you could not breathe. But, the gas would rise up and you could breath again. Dr. King told the people this before they went on their march, to try to keep them safe.

I said to my mother, "Why couldn’t they just go and vote? Why did they have to march?" My mother said that the police and the government where these people lived would not let them just go and vote back then.

That night, I could not stop thinking about it. I did not know it was so violent then. I was crying so much that it was hard to breathe, because I couldn’t understand why they were treating people this way. My mom said it was ok to cry, that if I wanted to, I could write about what I was worrying about.

I really did not like watching all the people die, like Jimmy Lee, he was Jonathan’s friend. He was trying to get people to sign up to vote. But Martin Luther King, Jr. did not die in this movie. But it told about some little girls getting killed at a church that got bombed. I saw a little girl who went over to the white drinking fountain and she was black and a man came out and he pushed the cups out of the little girl’s hand. He said, "Leave, this is only for white people!" This part made me very mad!

Three men went down to the church where that little girl went and they and burned a cross. I did not understand why they did that, though. My mom said it was to scare the people from signing up to vote. This made all the people sad when they got up that morning and saw God’s cross burning.

It was a really, really, really good movie. It made me sad, though. I liked it because it made me think about things. I thought about Mr. King all night. It was sad and it was happy, too. Me and my mom and my brother watched the movie together and talked about it. We’re going to record it the next time because I want to learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr.

On one part of the show, when some of the people were being mean, Mr. King told the others to stay, but to not fight. Even if they were told to go home and not vote, they stayed. They said they were going to stay until they really got freedom. They did not get freedom until the end of the show, and they were very happy. I am happy too, because I get to be with all of my friends at school, and it doesn’t matter what we look like, because God is colorblind! I am glad I didn’t live back then, because I wouldn’t have liked it at all.

I thank God for giving me a home and school and a church where it is ok to love everyone because I think that is the way it is supposed to be.

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