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Topics on issues that kids
are faced with while growing up.
Some of these issues are graphic
and should be read with a parent
for better understanding.

  1. Abuse Disclosure
    What to do if someone tells you they are being abused.

  2. Abuse By Friends
    What do you do if you are being abused by a friend.

  3. Abuse By Family
    What do you do if you are being abused by a parent, relative or guardian.

  4. Can I Lie?
    Get the facts on why it is not a good idea to lie online.

  5. Crimes
    What to do if your friend tells you they are committing crimes.

    Get the facts on HIV/AIDS and stay safe. Warning: Information on page is mature and not suitable for young children.

  7. Lying
    What to do when your friends lie to you.

  8. Suicide Disclosure
    What to do when your friend tells you they are thinking of committing suicide.

  9. Suicide Facts
    Get the facts and save a life.

  10. War and Terrorism
    How to cope with the effects of war and terrorism.

Coming soon...

Alcohol/Drug Addiction
Death and Dying
Children Of Divorce
Peer Preasure
Cyber Love?
Online Friendships
Internet Addiction
Coping With Teasing

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