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You sit down at the computer with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You check the clock and log on as scheduled. Your friend meets you in a chatroom and you notice that they are telling everyone in the channel a secret about yourself. They are making fun of you and being demanding on your friendship. Even going so far as to call you names, stand you up or demand that you talk to them about things that make you feel uncomfortable.

I Feel Nervous

You are probably suffering offline as much as online. Neglecting schoolwork, moping around the house, not eating properly, and/or losing sleep. You need to remember that this person is not in your real life. You have the power over yourself. Not them!

I Feel Hurt

Your feelings are hurt. You thought you found the perfect online friend. Someone you could write to for the rest of your life. Hey, you might have even fallen in love and eventually got married. No-way! You don't need that kind of drama and abuse in your life. No one should be treating you like this. If this person makes you uncomfortable and you are afraid, tell your parent or guardian. Get their help in getting rid of this person.

I Feel Good

Know this, you do not deserve to be mistreated by anyone! You have the power to make it stop. All you have to do is stop replying to their emails, messages or newsletters. Ignore them and move on to a friend that will respect you. Leave them in the dust and don't look back. There are thousands of kids online and not all of them are as lame. The next pal you find may turn out to be the best friend you ever have. Do yourself a favor and blow that bad egg a kiss good bye.

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