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You can't wait to get online and talk to your new friend. They are so cool. They are athletic, travel the world with their parents, know famous people and are rich. You find out that they are a couch potato, haven't been out of their city let alone their country and have as much money as you do.

First, understand that if your pal told you their name was Waldo and you found out that their name is Leon, that is not lying. That is just smart online safety. The same is true if they told you they lived in Sault Ste. Marie and you found out they live in Sudbury.

I Feel Hurt

Being lied to is a nasty thing. Let's look at it from a different point of view. Perhaps your friend is lacking self-esteem. Maybe they thought you might find them more appealing if they told you the lies. This doesn't excuse the behavior but it may make you a little bit more compassionate. Talk to your friend. Tell them what you know and that you believe you have a right to the full truth and reasons behind the lying. You will either work things out or not.

I Feel Revengeful

So, you couldn't work things out. In fact, they lied even more to you. Now you feel angry and want to get them back. You want to expose them. Not a good idea! All you are going to do is end up looking like the bad guy/gal. You will end up getting a bad reputation just like the lying friend. Finding friends are harder for people who bad mouth others behind their backs, even if that person deserves it. Remember that. Keep your cool and just move on. Ignore them.

I Feel Good

Unfortunately all you can do is confront your friend with the lies. Find out the reasons behind the lies and try and work things through. Keep in mind that most people lie at some point in their lives. There is always a reason. Even if the reason is lame. Be the bigger person and try to save the relationship. If you can't, at least you will know you did your best.

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