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You meet your friend one night either online or in real life and find them in a state of depression. After talking to them for a while they tell you they want to commit suicide. They even go so far as to tell you why, when and how they will do it.

First, you need to know how serious this is. No matter what, you have to take a persons threat of suicide seriously. Don't think it is a bout for attention. If you are wrong, it will cost someone their life. Read my article on Suicide Facts.

I Feel Overwhelmed

You will probably feel your heart start to pump and may even panic. This is a serious issue and it is normal for anyone to feel overwhelmed and scared. Try very hard to relax. Take a deep breath, get comfortable and prepare to listen to everything your friend has to say. If this is an online friend, call your parents over to the computer and tell them what is going on. Tell them where your pen pal lives and how to get in touch with them. Let your parents try to get your friend the help they need. This is one time that it would be acceptable for you to hand over the keyboard and let your parent talk to your pal and pretend they are you. If you feel comfortable talking to your pal while your parents use another line to get help, read on. If this is a real life friend, convince your friend to go to your house to talk. Bring them to your room, tell them you are going to go get something for you both to eat and go get your parents. your friend is not going to be happy that you told your parents. This is OK. Let them be angry and let your parents handle the situation.

I Feel Angry

Some people feel angry with the person who is talking about killing themselves. If you feel this way, don't tell your friend right now! Just relax and keep listening to them. Try to keep them talking for as long as you can. Tell your friend that you value them and that life is worth living. The best thing you can do is try and get them to think of one reason to live. One thing to look forward too. Get them to set one achievable goal in their lives. The goal must be something you know they can achieve! If they can't come up with one, give them as many reasons as you can think of for them to live. They may pick up on one of those as being important to them. Remember that you are not trying to counsel them. You are only trying to keep them talking until you can get someone there to help them. Excuse yourself to go the bathroom and make an emergency phone call.

I Feel Good

You need to know that anyone who discloses plans to commit suicide wants help. They want someone to stop them. You also need to know that not everyone can be saved. You can only do your best and then the rest is up to them. You are limited to what you can do. If help cannot be found for your friend, do not blame yourself. After listening and talking to them, telling your parents and disclosing all the contact information you know, you have done your best. You are a great friend and have handle a difficult situation very well. Make sure you talk to someone about how you feel. Don't hold it in or your may feel so overwhelmed that you find yourself thinking about killing yourself. Talk to someone!

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